Tutors are our best assets!

They volunteer their time and energy to help another adult with reading, writing, spelling, and grammar. All go through a 8-hour certification process in which they are trained in the phonics-based Laubach method of teaching.

After they are certified and matched with a student in their geographic area, we ask they turn in documentation at the end of the month. This helps the Literacy Council track hours the tutor and student spend together.

Tutors – Please use this Monthly Student Progress Calendar to document your activities. When you submit the form, it will automatically be emailed back to us, and a copy will be emailed to you as well. This is the easiest method for you, as you do not have to mail, fax, or walk in your calendars.

As always, thanks for your assistance!
Please know your help is very much appreciated!

Tutor Questions and Answers

Who can tutor?
Community members who are concerned about area residents who cannot read or write or those who want to help students improve their English skills.

What qualifications do I need to tutor?
Patient, dependable adults are needed who have a real interest in helping someone with his or her reading skills. Strong interest and positive attitude are very important.

How much time can I expect to spend a week?
Roughly two to four hours per week. This includes lesson plans, travel time, and actual time spent with your adult student.

Who will I be tutoring?
Tutors will aid adults who need help improving their reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills. Competency levels may range from learning the alphabet to preparing for General Educational Development (GED) testing designed to provide a high school equivalency credential.

What will I be tutoring?
The majority of students need assistance with reading, writing and comprehension. Tutors may help with English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Knowledge of other languages is NOT necessary.

Where would I tutor?
Libraries in Clermont County (10) and Brown County (6) are open to tutoring. In addition, there are churches, schools, and restaurants where tutoring is allowed with advance notice. The Literacy Council of Clermont & Brown Counties has a list of tutoring sites.

What is my next step?
Call the Literacy Council of Clermont & Brown Counties at 513-831-READ (7323) to reserve a space at an upcoming tutor training workshop. You will be instructed by a trainer to prepare you for tutoring.