Board Responsibilities

Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of odd-numbered months.

Job Description

Together with the other members of the Board, members are legally and morally responsible for all activities of the Literacy Council. Board members are solely responsible for determining policy in these areas:

  1. Human Resources
    1. Board Membership
      1. Recruit new board members
      2. Recognize and nurture existing board members
      3. Provide existing board members with opportunities to grow and develop as leaders
    2. Executive Director Accountability
      1. Hiring and firing for this position
      2. Ongoing performance evaluation
    3. Personnel Policies
      1. Policy guidance addressing salaries, benefits and grievance procedures
    4. Volunteer Involvement
      1. Policy regarding how and where volunteers should be used
      2. Policy for recognition of volunteers
  2. Planning
    1. Set and review the Council’s mission, philosophy and goals
    2. Plan for the Council’s short-term and long-term future
    3. Determine and plan the Council’s programs and services
    4. Regularly evaluate the Council’s programs, services and operations
  3. Finance
    1. Ensure the financial accountability of the Council
    2. Oversee the ongoing process of budget development, approval and review
    3. Ensure adequate funds are raised to support the Council’s programs, services and operations
    4. Manage and maintain the Council’s properties and investments
  4. Community Relations
    1. Ensure the Council’s programs and services appropriately address community and client needs
    2. Market the Council’s services and programs
    3. Ongoing public relations, operating as a council emissary in the community
    4. Cooperative action with related organizations
  5. Organizational Operations
    1. Ensure the Council’s administrative systems are adequate and appropriate
    2. Ensure the board’s operations are adequate and appropriate
    3. Ensure the Council’s structure is appropriate
    4. Ensure the Council and its board members meet all applicable legal requirements

Job Requirements

  1. A demonstrated interest in the Council’s service goals
  2. Specific knowledge and experience in a least one of these areas:
    1. Human Resources
    2. Planning
    3. Finance
    4. Community Relations
    5. Organizational Operations
  3. A representative of some aspect of segment of the population in the community
  4. A willingness to expand knowledge of board responsibilities through orientation and ongoing education
  5. A willingness to represent the Council to the community