24th Annual Spelling Bee – 2016

The 2016 Literacy Council Spelling Bee held on June 10, 2016 at the Miami Township Civic Center was a big success! Thank you to all the Spelling Bee teams, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and Miami Township Civic Center Trustees for your generosity in providing time, gifts, space and participation.

Congratulations to the eight teams who participated this year, finishing in this order:

  1. UC Clermont College – “Clermont Cougars”
  2. Tepe & Eichert Families – “The Inkredibles”
  3. Total Quality Logistics – “Spellt Bred”
  4. Clermont Chamber of Commerce – “The Hip Bees”
  5. Literacy Council – “ABZ’s”
  6. Ohio Means Jobs Clermont County – “Super Bees”
  7. L-3 Communications FOS – “BEE L-3”
  8. Clermont County Public Library – “Bookworms”

Additional Awards and Pictures ……

  • Best Spirit – Clermont Chamber of Commerce – “The Hip Bees”
  • Best Costume – Ohio Means Jobs Clermont County – “Super Bees”

 Our Teams – finishing in this order

lccbc_bee_2016_team1UC Clermont College – “Clermont Cougars”

lccbc_bee_2016_team2Tepe & Eichert Families – “The Inkredibles”

lccbc_bee_2016_team3Total Quality Logistics – “Spellt Bred”

lccbc_bee_2016_team4Clermont Chamber of Commerce – “The Hip Bees”

lccbc_bee_2016_team5Literacy Council – “ABZ’s”

lccbc_bee_2016_team6Ohio Means Jobs Clermont County – “Super Bees”

lccbc_bee_2016_team7L-3 Communications FOS – “BEE L-3”

lccbc_bee_2016_team8Clermont County Public Library – “Bookworms”

Our Officials


Pronouncer – Jerry Eichert


Judges – Tim Dick, Sharon Averwater, Ted Groman